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You are unique – your talents, your biography and circumstances make it so. 

Get individual attention in order to maximize your time and efforts on what really is important to you right now. At the same time, it is equally important to plan a focused strategy plan for the future.

Music conservatories and summer programs benefit from adding a course dealing with “the business of singing” in their curriculum. In the current extremely competitive environment, it is important that young singers learn to apply these skills of self management to their toolkit. 


I have developed a series of formats best suited for group classes.

Depending on the desired format, I can adapt the content to as little as a three-hour session, to extended – and more in depth – classes.

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for more information about customized seminars/workshops.

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What to expect from an opera agent

What to expect from an opera agent

Now that you have a shiny new diploma from your Music Academy or Music School, you are probably thinking – next step, ‘”get an agent who will represent me and do all the business work and set me on my way to becoming an opera star”. It may not be quite as easy as that...

Be true to yourself

Be true to yourself

Has anyone told you – you sound like Maria Callas, Leontyne Price, Joan Sutherland, or Enrico Caruso, Luciano Pavarotti, Martti Talvela?  That’s great and, since it is a real compliment because these were all amazing artists, be sure to thank the compliment giver.  ...